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No, not a creditor, just a humble Clerk of Works who never understood how Pierse ever won a contract considering thier poor track record and obvious disregard for standards and sub-contractors. Pierse site meetings were indeed lively. Project Managers ranting, cursing and banging the table. False promises. Lies. And they even had the gall to blame every one of their failures on the Design Team or their company standard excuse – nominated sub-contractors!. I never heard them admit once that they had made a mistake or apologised for trying to cheat the client by substituting materials. They were always the injured party, deeply hurt by erroneous accusations and impeded by the Clerk of Work’s inflexibility.

I can say quite truthfully that the demise of Pierse was felt with a warm glow of relief by more than a few architects, even though some still have to deal with the fallout on uncompleted projects. Were they the worst “big” builder? I have worked with quite a few and the answer is yes – by a clear kilometer!

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