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The demolition of the flats has produced a huge levelled area around Chamber Street, Ormond Street and Weavers Square – some which is now in vegetable allotments – but a plan is needed for how the area is going to be handled eventually. Newmarket, Chamber Street and Weaver Square were mercifully missed by the Cork Street / Coombe bypass highway and also largely missed by development in the boom. McCullough has done a lot in his Urban History book to highlight the significance of the street plan here. It need to be carefully treated. Already a rotten quality building has been built on one side Weavers Square.

Photos of the flats from 2000:

Looking west on Chamber Street.

Looking northeast across Weavers Square.

Looking southwest across Weavers Square in 2000.

Same scene now. Buildings in Dublin don’t come much cheap & nastier than that yoke there.

Looking cute on Rocque.

At the other end of Chamber Street, there were two appeal overturnings of Dublin City Council decisions to grant permission for redevelopment on opposite corners within a year of each other.

First, their decision to permit replacement of the 19th century Ardee House pub with another Cork Street apartment block (permitted at 5 storeys) was overturned in January 2009 –

Then the decision to give permission for this scheme on the site directly across the road was overturned in January 2010 – Agreed vision for the area ‘n all that.

This ’60s photo from the DCC Libraries site shows that the non-descript looking former pub on Newmarket at the corner of Brabazon Row is actually a full historic building, with top floor windows blocked up and roof and chimneys replaced. When something comes to be done with Newmarket eventually I think it’s really important that this building be kept cos there’s so little left on Newmarket.

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