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Ah sure we might as well rip out the ranks of 18th century sashes in Castletown while we’re at it so!

1) Reconditioning of windows to tighten gaps
2) Draught-proofing
3) Secondary glazing
4) Shutters
5) Heavy curtains
6) Strategic placement of radiators

@d_d_dallas wrote:

Graham, 10 out of 10 on the doors… yes actual lurid orange plastic wavin pipes! While under construction I used walk past agog at the sight

Feck OFF!!! 😮

Unbelievable. I didn’t think such a new low was possible in this city.

I was wondering how they managed it given free-stranding Georgian doorcases aren’t exactly an off-the-shelf product, and knocking against the ‘columns’ I presumed the hollow ring to be of cheap fibreglass or similar.
But never feckin sewage pipes boxed in plywood!

If only such ingenuity could be channelled in the right direction. Truly a new low.

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