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I’d largely agree – the posting of the Loop Line image was a bit devious :). Trinity’s new building is also about to conceal most of it from here anyway (even if they’ll just get that hideous view instead from what is to be a flagship institution).
However that is not to excuse the lumpen nature of the setbacks, nor the ridiculous heritage roof plonked on top, crowned with air con units. A more refined job even using the same scale of the structure built would have made all the difference.

Just looking at Paul’s 1990s image, there’s definitely something strange going on with the original fabric of the building – a lot of materials must have been salvaged as Devin suggests:

There isn’t a sash left in the building, nor are there any railings or granite plinths and steps. Yet it’s clearly old glass in a great many window panes today, as it is definitely old granite forming most of the railing features! (though the curved sections flanking the steps seem to be new). Indeed even the railings have an historic quality to them. Very strange…

Also on Pearse Street, as mentioned above the extension of the Trinity Capital Hotel is now getting underway. The adjoining early Victorian houses are nearly finished externally, the upper floors and roofs anyway, and to a very high standard. Beautiful pointing especially. Haven’t had a chance to check out the real extension to the rear yet, though you can see it peeking over the parapet there…

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