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thats a disgrace! they seem to be really worried about the lack of short break tourism in the city alright ! They go and turn one of the most central prime units on the main shooping street in the city into a bank? Theres no justification for that, especially when there is numerous new developments lying vacent for this type of use and a need for good retail space in the city centre and they go and do that, cant get over that decision!But back to before the change of use, everyones always saying that theres not enough big premises for the big names in the city centre and this was a good example of a prime unit and was lying vacent for months and still not taking over, can anyone explain this? Everyone has there own opinion but I just cant come to an answer , theres plenty of perfect units around that are just simply not been taking over and i dont see this happening in other cities like dub, lim or galway!? take lapps quay,lavits quay, camden quay,gearges quay,hickeys on maylor st and evan mahon point? :confused:

:confused: Just what is happening with Hickeys on Maylor St?
City Manager, Joe Gavin explaining the 23% increase in vacant space in the city centre mentioned that the considerable floor space in Hickeys was giving a skewed view of vacancies in the city yet nothing has been reported on this site in recent times.
Am I correct in recalling that Brideview Developments had an interest in the site?

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