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Indeed. This has been a big issue since the beginning of time; wasn’t it highlighted by a survey that resulted in architects’ favourite buildings being the ones most hated by the public?
What the public at large like is not by any means the best gauge of architectural quality! (difficult to say that without being snobby – and as if I’m in a position to comment…)

But to go back to the point about ‘respecting older forms’ – again one must differentiate between the ‘form’, i.e the architecture, and ‘the building’, i.e ‘a Georgian’, ‘a Victorian’ which are almost living embodiments of their time.
From an architectural perspective I would argue that pastiche is being totally respectful of older forms. The problem arises with the ‘truth’ of the building.
And even then there’s a blurring of lines between these two if one considers architecture as being much more than just an aesthetic art.

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