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@Graham Hickey wrote:

Regarding the design of the building I think an enlarged facade here actually reinforces the corner rather than detracts from it.

I can’t see your logic there Graham. By doubling the building the focus shifts from the corner to the central piece of what I assume is now one whole building.

I value originality as much as the next person but I do ask myself where do you draw the line? As was raised on the UK forum in the past few days – what constitutes ‘old’? How is it acceptable to extend a 1930s building in a sympathetic style but not a 1900 structure? Just raising the question – not sure I know the answer…

Do you know of any examples of 1930s buildings that have been extended in a style that is symathetic to the original structure? (I couldn’t find it on the UK forum) In Ireland there are so few example of 1930s stuff left that it is hard to think of them. I personally think this is one of the problems that pastiche brings with it. For example, some good examples of early modern architecture has been destroyed to make way for more ‘traditionally’ sensitive designs. However, to answer your question, I would not agree with an extension of the old Gas building on D’Olier Street being built as a reflection of itself either.

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