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Thought I’d post these pics of a building that’s an interesting example of what could be considered as decent pastiche – indeed one of the best examples I’ve seen. Ironically it is in Dundalk sited right next to the location for the aforementioned proposed Market House, arguably the worst use for pastiche.

The building pictured is the circa 1900 Ulster Bank located on probably the most prominent site in the town. Can you tell what part of it is original? Well yes it’s pretty obvious as the new materials are crisp and clean but they’ll tone down with time.

When it became necessary to extend the original corner building, rather than add on a contemporary extention, it was decided to remodel the building as a whole by essentially building a mirror image of the original and linking it to the old with a central 2 bay facade.
Hence the 6 left-hand bays are new, while the 4 bay right-hand section is original. The attention to detail is exceptional in the upper floors, the sandstone elements were replicated perfectly – although the new granite down below looks more like cladding than a structural element as the original does. Maybe it just needs to tone down as well. The new sash windows are also perfect – all important 🙂

Overall I think it works very well – one may question the design chosen in that it does come across a bit monumental when seen head-on, especially the roof, but otherwise it is a largely successful development and looks particularly fine when seen from a more natural, raking angle.
Also pleased to see discreet red floodlights were chosen for once for nightime illumination 🙂

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