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There is also the factor of time – i.e. – the difference in thinking between 1993, when the Bachelor’s Walk plans were being made up and now, 2005. The idea of modern, contrasting structures in a historic context is much more widely accepted now than it was then.

The accepted approach now is achieve rich contrast between new and old. Materials like glass and steel are used to add sympathetically to historic surroundings.

Though I have to say there’s still oodles of engineer-designed excrement being built everywhere in Ireland. Tax relief deadlines for development just expired there before Christmas and you’d wanna see some of the stuff that’s after coming in here to An Taisce – it’s frightening…hotels, tourist accommodation, nursing homes, multi-storey carparks, equestrian centres – all of it bulky oversized, mansard roof PVC design-free rubbish, and most of it will get built!

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