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These are some of Graham’s pictures again:

Combined with Devin’s picture of the front and the evidence from the maps, would you say that this was an early 19th century barracks building, or an early 18th century building remodelled in the early 19th century to be a barracks building?

The evidence from the back elevation seems to indicate that one window (the centre window at landing height) with it’s masonry reveals was original to the construction, whereas the other opes (with brick reveals) are probably insertions. The width of the stone ope, at about 1,300mm, looks to be on the big side for an early window!

In Graham’s first picture it’s reasonably clear that the stone work continues around the gables onto the front elevation, but presumably the reveals to the nine bay front were all brick and the absence of a door surround doesn’t leave us much to hang an early date on.

I suppose, in advance of seeing the survey photographs, you have to go along with the early 19th century thesis, but, it was still a very decent building and they’re not getting away with telling us that it wasn’t really part of the complex.

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