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@wearnicehats wrote:

micklittleprick !
I was going to write something but then I realised that nothing would sum it up better.

tut tut tut wearnicehats I think you should go lie down now as you obviously maxed out the right side of your brain coming up with that one, and better be careful or you will have our resident vulgar language cop ctesiphon onto you ….heh Rory W hows that long commute going , think how much your saving, you must be well on your way to the 1 million squids being bandied about here as the entry price for 1 Berkley Court. Course if that doesnt work out then maybe you can befriend someone in AIB who another poster reckons we should build this monstrosity for so they can live closer to their jobs and thereby spend less time commuting and more time ripping off the Irish public. Jaysus the proponents of this are all frothing at the mouth to get this ridiculous tower built which will not directly solve a single issue facing sprawling expanding Dublin. And will only set a dangerous precedent and bring to a new level the bullying tactics of our “design conscious , socially responsible” developer/politicians. You are voting to build it in the hope that if we are nice to the rich man and let him build his big tower and make obscene amounts of money then maybe he wont forget us in a few years and will throw a few smaller tower blocks your way so you can all rise above the dross you have to daily drudge through. SD has offered to spend 31 million in local community projects if the tower goes ahead, he should be spending that money irrespective of if the tower goes ahead. Irelands econmy in GDP terms is 1/60th that of the US , if developers here were making the same relative profits in the US they would be on a par with if not by-passing Bill Gates..

As for the design okay so architects split the atom or at least thought they had when they came up with the tower block, and that has worked really well, hasnt it, next they sat around a table or the “trough” as i like to call it and said that didnt work too well munch munch munch any other brilliant ideas.. until someone said I know lets steal an idea from Pisa hopefully no one will notice and we can make the tower lean , brake up the facade with some angles , cover it all in glass throw an Eileen Gray table and a Barcelona chair in the show room and people will think we have now unified general relativity and particle physics….. As for Dublins burgeoning population people do know that the official government estimate (Official) regarding the expected number of workers to come here from the EU accession states was 6,000 people. Ireland isnt changing, a forest or the sea is something that changes , Ireland is BEING changed …theres a world of difference. Have a good weekend y’all Im off to France for some r’nr , where at least they take their passions to the heart and more importantly to the streets .

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