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For some reason architects in Ireland can only take direction from Belfield or Tara St so maybe its worth emphasising some points one of their messiahs has raised ….
@FrankMcD – IT wrote:

“I didn’t know much about Ireland then, except that it had blossomed a lot while Denmark was growing more gradually,” he says. “But I think Dublin is quite like Copenhagen. Both are historical cities with centres that haven’t been destroyed.” This gave him a “strong understanding of scale”, pointing to the need to be “bold and at the same time humble” in designing for Ballsbridge. The curved street running parallel with Lansdowne Road would also be lined with “high-end” shops, presumably to confirm Ballsbridge as the “new Knightsbridge”.
But there aren’t any 37-storey towers in Knightsbridge. It is also highly improbable that Henning Larsen Architects would be allowed to build anything like this in Copenhagen. Their Nordea office complex is almost domestic in scale, while the canopied opera house in its harbour is a more bulbous version of Jean Nouvel’s in Lucerne. .

Ok so basically this is “a humble structure which will not destroy the historical aspects of the area , designed by an architect who wouldn’t be allowed to build this structure in his own capital city ( Copenhagen! – cos its some backward un-progressive design desert, one can only assume) for a developer who wants to make the area look like a fashionable district of London even though that area doesn’t in fact have any similar 37 story residential towers …Well that clears up my confusion and cynicism.

As for
@ctesiphon wrote:

For what it’s worth, Mick, I thought you had some interesting things to say re Letterfrack, even if couched in some inflammatory, juvenile language. However, re the above quote, someone honestly trying to engage others in a debate on the merits or otherwise of a development proposal would do well not to fling around indiscriminate insults if they want those others to respond to the points raised.
So I can only assume you’re here to cause trouble. In which case, I’ll echo the previous sentiment: Do Not Feed The Troll.

Obviously the irony of accusing me of juvenile language and then signing off in the ridiculous manner (troll.. ) in which you did is lost on you . Sometimes I really think they should test or license people before letting them online…I will stick by my earlier analogy (others knocking around this site need to get their heads out of the trough) irrespective of how offensive you may find it, lucky for that poor sod George Orwell that he is already dead, otherwise I can only assume you would have had a fatwah out on him for Animal Farm !

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