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Don’t get me wrong, im all for this development, I dont see the prob with a well designed, high density, mixed use, walkable, city centre development. I was just having a rant about the excessive use of jargon. Also I don’t have a problem with SD making a few pound, sure you would hardly expect him to do it for nothing. I just get the feeling that in the current economic climate and with the price paid for the land it does become an issue and there is an arguement that perhaps they are trying to squeeze too much out of the project. Nonetheles it is an ambitious well thought out project and taking both sides of the arguement into account it would get my vote. Problem is I dont think the planners will have the balls to go for it in the face of angry D4 NIMBY’s, these are influential NIMBY’S. They even seem to have swayed Mr. McDonald who sang the praises of the development in yesterdays Irish Times but instead of throwing his weight behind it backtracked.

If it is to have any chance of winning approval from Dublin City Council’s planners – and ultimately, An Bord Pleanála – it will have to be substantially scaled down, with the tower and other buildings reduced in height proportionately. F McDonald

Maybe this is an innocent question, but do you think the architects have a scaled down version of the project ready to go as they were fully aware prior to making the proposal that it would be scaled down?:confused:

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