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jimg, I couldn’t agree more. It hasn’t a feckin chance then has it!

Your first point is extremely important and cannot possibly be overestimated. We have spent the entire boom years gating dwellings, cutting down on the public realm, neglecting community and one of the grand purposes of planning which is to foster a sense of place. New streets can have an incredible effect on districts – not new roads, new streets. Places. That’s what attracts me most to this proposal. btw it’s also my favourite element of the DLR Golf CLub development, in that it opens a gated elite sporting facility to the people, and will provide open space rather than deny it. However people hate permeability – society has been engineered to crave a fortress. From Le C’s machines for living, we now have mono-class pods and cells for living in. The cul-de-sac and the keypad gate have destroyed so many potential linkages and opportunities for random interactions. If the remaining large sites, such as golf courses, Docklands, Guinness, Disused barracks etc, are developed in the same manner as Mountbrook have proposed here, public space wise, we’ll have somewhere close to a great city.

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