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Please Please let this project go ahead. this is a stunning building. a real landmark. 37 floors is massive for Dublin, but not really that big by world standards.

Nobody in this country wants change. And no doubt the grumpy old upper middle clas of ballsbridge will be out whinging about thier ‘village; being raped by developers. Half probaby with only a 5 year life span left. look you’ll be dead by the time it’s finished love.

Hope it goes head. Please god it won’t come back as a stumpy 12 storey job. We have enough ugly 60’s, 70′ 80’s 90’s and noughties 12 storey stumps…look at the business park their building on either side of the liffey for gawds sake, it’s sandyford Industrial estate upon sea. a disgrace in terms of height and imagination(some tiny exceptions). C’mon lads let’s have vital, exciting living architecture. Have some vision and make the unpopular decision. For a change!!!!!

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