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Quoting people entirely out of context really is incredibly clever: I must do it in future.
My original post in September 2007 said that this entire scheme – based on the price per acre paid – hinged on selling properties to high-income individuals at between E800k and E1 million. I think it was quite apparent (to everybody bar some smarmy hubristic after the fact know-it-all) that I felt this was not a good thing.
Clearly, when selling properties at this price ceased to be an option, the scheme became unviable in any form.
The point that was actually being discussed throughout the thread was whether Sean Dunne had some interest in creating a high-quality high-density development in Ballsbridge to improve Dublin and the merits of the scheme as proposed.
This is a website for discussion of architecture and planning, not for discussion of property speculation.
Nobody was discussing the price per acre but it is a natural given that the colossal money paid out has to be recovered somehow.
Please in future, keep your insufferable schadenfreude to yourself.

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