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I wouldn’t get overly carried away by the economic climate as there will always be a strong demand for accomodation, retail and leisure space in Ballsbridge. What I can’t figure out is the pricing model for the apartments, assuming €1,000 a square foot as a realistic sale value will particularly spacious 3 beds make c€1.4m with north of 500 of them on the market within a 5 year period? That said the damage was done in the site purchase price and that a realistic proposal that should sail through planning for this site has now emerged is very positive news for all concerned.

O’Mahoney Pike appear to have delivered a good scheme which will fit in well with buildings such as Landsdowne House, American Embassy and the building once occupied by Texaco. The retention of the trees and railings on Lansdowne Road is also particularly welcome. With the stadium opening shortly it looks like Ballsbridge is moving forward quite nicely!!

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