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I am surprised at the lack of grace from some quarters in the vindication of your stance in this decision. A developer buys two hotels at the height of a property boom applies for development consent which is subsequently turned over on foot of planning objections. Where is the need to get personal or to attack a journalist who questions the wisdom of the decision on a number of unrelated grounds. If it were me I’d simply bask in the knowledge of calling the result correctly; I am happy to say I didn’t make any predictions on this one either way for the very good reason that it was going to be ugly either in planning terms or financial terms as a first time application.

I’ve known Brenda Power very slightly for about 15 years and have always found her to be able to build a credible link between an opinion and a number of factors that at a first glance do not seem obviously linked. Her real strength is being able to maintain a good level of intellectual rigour with a very down to earth philosophy.

As for Sean Dunne I have a sneaking admiration for him; he played a key role in the construction of phase of 1 Canada Square Canary Wharf in the Reichman days. He took a few chances didn’t rest on his Luarels and built some more projects and kept trying to grow his portfolio. I hope this doesn’t ruin him as anyone who takes their holidays building homes in a township is obviously not quite as aloof from the rest of the population as their Sindo persona might suggest.

When it gets personal you don’t have an argument and there will be plenty more discussion of this site over the coming years so stick to the facts.

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