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I cant see how this can possibly get the go ahead in its current form. I really don’t understand the DCC decision to allow it in the first place.

In my own mind the tower is the least objectionable element of the entire proposal – Its a top quality design, in a location which, although jarring with its context, provides a major landmark and point of legibility and orientation. On the other hand it does seem a shame to permanently alter the nature of the villages in Dublin by allowing something like this.

As for the rest of the development I feel it should be thrown out on so many grounds:

  • Excessive height to all surrounding streets, especially Landsdowne Rd.
  • Monotony in the facades, not distinguishing between housing, embassy, office etc,
  • Poor quality of apartments – although large – poor usability, light penetration, single aspect etc, balcony size…
  • The ridiculous cross sections through the proposed streets, which would leave them cold, dark, damp and unusable.
  • The huge amount of retail provision, which would clearly make this a destination, incurring all the traffic implications this brings and also detracting from the city centre, from which it is not very far. The ground floor is nearly entirely retail which reduces greatly the value of the public realm to those living there and to the community surrounding,
  • The major density involved – 191 units per hectare – 150 dph is considered ‘superdensity’ by CABE – this is well above that – bringing major implications for service provision, apartment quality and open space.
  • The monotony of dwelling typology – Accommodation will not achieve a broad social mix and vibrant community.

There have been many more arguments made against this in the oral hearing and they are very convincing. I want to like this scheme as I think it could be really well made and a great design but as of now, they’re just cramming too much onto the site.

Sean Dunne needs to concede some of the height and settle for a quality, well built development with a more palatable deference to its context.

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