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Having just spent a perfectly good Friday evening reading through the 33 page planners report on this thing, I have a new found admiration for those poor bastards in the planning office. The sheer volume of bullshit that they must have to wade through day after day has got to be outlawed under some EU charter. Is it any wonder they sometimes come out with stuff that tells you black is white. After three or four days reading this stuff non stop, anyone could be forgiven for taking a polar flip.

Inevitably the bulk of this type of report consists of a regurgitation of previously stated facts, and it’s often difficult to tell when the applicants are talking and when it’s the planner’s opinion we’re reading.

As far as new stuff goes, there is a total gem on page 23:

The report states that:

The Development Management Guidelines for Planning Authorities stress the need for balanced and nuanced judgements on planning applications. Regarding refusals arising from development plans the following is set out: ‘A statement of objectives in a development plan should not be regarded as imposing a blanket prohibition on particular classes of development and does not relieve the planning authority of responsibility for considering the merits or otherwise of particular applications . . . A reason for refusal must, as far as possible, bring out the reasonableness of applying the provisions of the plan in the particular case. Accordingly, caution should be exercised when refusing permission on the grounds that the proposed development would materially contravene the development plan. Where such a reason is given it must be clearly shown that the policies/objectives of the plan would be breached in a significant way. (para 7.15)

Why were we not told about this document. This is like finding out on your death bed, after a blameless life, that there was an 11th commandment which declared that the other 10 were just suggestions really.

Under the ‘Impacts on Urban Landscape Character’ heading, the report informs us that ‘a detailed and persuasive Urban Character Impact Study is submitted and that this study includes the advise that ‘different people will perceive issues relating to impact on urban character differently, depending on whether they have a conservative or innovative outlook’. So if you aren’t taken in by this thing, it’s because you don’t have an innovative outlook!

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