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I don’t disagree with that either, but I think the buildings should respect the vistas approaching the site, particularly heading east on Pembroke Road and south on Northumberland Road. I think that the retail element, if any, should be of the local nature, i.e to serve those people living and working on site, but not bring additional shoppers to the area. That would dilute the viability of the city centre and lower the quality of life in the area. (see Dundrum). And I still don’t think families will buy into this – it will just become a retirement home for the very rich, or temporary accomodation for embassy workers. Those of my relations with children, who live in city apartments (SF and NY) are either in the process of buying a single storey house with yard in central SF, (c. $650,000) or own a weekend house in Connecticut. They are lucky but I don’t think anyone actually aspires to bringing up children only in a city apartment.

To clarify something I said earlier: I don’t have a problem with students, disaffected or otherwise, expressing their opinions. I just wish so-called journalists wouldn’t quote anonymous sources of unknown skill levels, as if they were the voice of the entire planning/architectural profession.

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