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@alonso wrote:

for who? Who would attack Luxembourg et al. It’s not like it’ll be Britain, USA, Israel, Spain, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan and India all together with just one smoking area.

In all seriousness the only time I can think of when an embassy was attacked on Irish soil was when we burned down the British one in 72. Isn’t this just paranoia?

Wouldnt it be great if they all shared the same space, with shared cafeteria:D

Maybe it is paranoia but i cant imagine the prospective embassies security advisors agreeing to sharing a building with a number of other countries.
It would make for some juicy propaganda to hit a couple of ‘western’ targets in one shot.
It would probably never happen , but if any incident even minor, did occur whoever agreed to share a building with other countries would have serious egg on their face to say the least

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