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I read that piece on Elm Park and thought “what a load of pretentious crap” –
e.g. quote:
<<Part of the animation at ground level in this scheme are the woven, fat timber legs that support the buildings' outer skins by plunging into the ground on sturdy high-heeled "shoes". Halfway up the building they sneak in beneath the glass, offering impressive examples of nature to insiders. The neater timber profile up here allows more light into the tops of the buildings.

These concrete-framed structures dance in so many ways, from the timber shuttering systems, the sky conservatories, cantilevered rooms, red windows, atria with high, nerve-tickling walkways and views from offices right down the glass façade, all eliciting an emotional response, from the high that comes from mild vertigo to the pleasure that is derived from appraising various forms that can be gradually pieced together and understood.>>

Give that timber cladding a few years………

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