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@kefu wrote:

Neither do I buy that argument Paul, but even in New York – the Empire State Building could never now be built because of issues of overshadowing.
The great skyscraper projects of New York/Chicago in the early part of last centruy or today in Dubai/Shanghai are not going to happen in Dublin because we simply don’t have the critical mass to sustain them.
We should be focusing on getting what we have right and not overly concerned with high rise for the sake of high rise.
I would think a far bigger issue in Dublin these days is the sheer volume of dire medium-density projects sneaking through the planning system. (They have been discussed at length in other threads)
This obsession about height has overshadowed (excuse the pun) legitimate and serious flaws in the planning system and has become something of a red herring.
Height has now become the stick by which a developer can beat the local council into submission.
I would argue that rather than obsessing about the number of storeys, we should be absolutely insistent on incredibly high standards of design for all prominent sites. Considering the profits being made, it is not too much to ask.

The point of building quality im sure is true, but it is unrelated to what i was getting at
I would not advoacate building sizes in the same league as new york or chicago
Of course Dublin could not sustain the giant scale

But there is a physical dimension to Dublin that is sorely lacking
And it is the lack of high rise buildings
Dublin could be so much more.
I think a city should have many different visual elements to it
The wonderful low rise streets, suburban apartment buildings even suburban semis, all have their place
We have that covered, can anyone disagree?

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