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I would have thought that at some stage in the last ten years, that ego alone would have given us one or two great buildings. I was in Copenhagen a couple of years ago where Maersk had donated the new concert hall to the state. And everybody knew that Maersk had done it – talk about great publicity!

Ireland has been so obsessed with money and flamboyance recently that I was convinced that one of our new billionaires would announce a hefty donation to build the Dermot Desmond Wing of the National Gallery or a flashy corporate headquarters, if only to get one up on their peers. Instead, nothing…

And on a similar but slightly different topic (no doubt dealt with elsewhere) on a purely aesthetic basis would we not have been so much better off if there was even greater distance between elected officials and those who decide on planning. One group knows that the next election is only 5 years down the road, and that short-term-ism which is very much open to being influenced by NIMBYism doesn’t make for joined-up planning.

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