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Sorry – no photo yet.

Anyone know how were they able to install that sign on a protected structure without applying for planning permission? [or did I miss it?]

Here’s the original pp for restore of the canopy which was granted permission back on the 18th Nov 2003
App 4736 /03

Location: The Olympia Theatre, 72 Dame Street, Dublin 2. Proposed development: Restoration of cast-iron canopy and glazing to Dame Street elevation. Increase to footpath of one metre at Dame Street entrance. Alteration of signed to Dame Street elevation. Painting to Dame Street elevation. Restoration of sash windows, alterations to central ticket office in entrance lobby. Enlargement of stalls area. Removal of WCs to the rear of stalls. Alterations to Sheridan’s Bar and Maureen’s Bar. New fire exit from Maureen’s Bar to Sycamore Street. Demolition of single-storey structure at Crampton Court. Erection of four-storey structure at Crampton Court to include WC areas and storage. Alterations to dressing rooms and wcs at first floor level and general refurbishments internally. This application involves works to a protected structure. Applicant: Olympia Theatre.

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