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Peter Fitz

I remember when RTE started to relay euronews in the mid 1990’s, that somewhat annoying but oddly compelling news station.

On their weather round up, they would take a whistle stop tour of European capitals, featuring an iconic photo of each city, overlayed with weather graphics.

Sometimes, Dublin even made it in to the mix, oh the glamour.

Euronews decided that parts of this terrace were representative of the Irish capital, and so a shambolic image of Dublin was presented, complete with random neon signage, tacky shop fronts & the general mish mash we’ve become used to.

The image was cringe worthy. I remember thinking the obvious, why couldn’t they just use a shot of the Custom house, Four Courts or whatever?

But then the reality is that given it’s prominence, Dublin leaves itself open to the perception that this terrace is representative of the capital & who could blame that euronews graphics guy from the mid 90’s for thinking so.

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