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Oh Christ, I passed this last night and nearly threw up. Who the heck granted permission for these heroic pylons with illuminated pink flying saucers?!! If one ever wondered what happens when you cross Ponte Alexandre III with the set of Saturday with Bibi c. 1987, sadly we now know the answer.

This is unbelievable stuff. What sophisticated city anywhere accepts muck like this, never mind in the middle of the strategic vista towards the Custom House? It’s classic rubbish beloved of unconfident, provincial cities that dress their streetscapes with disposable consumer tat to try appear relevant and modern. I utterly despair of the planning processes and authorities in Dublin. It’s a ship of fools running the show and nobody’s shouting stop.

By contrast, the bridge itself is remarkably slender and quite elegant as an engineering feat. Alas, the emerging surrounding public realm is only the latter, quelle surprise.

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