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Ah Shaw’s – of course! Doh!

I’m delighted with this, as from day one I thought these alterations had an 1840s appearance – a rare enough survivor in the city centre. How we can now pinpoint the date of the alterations so accurately is pretty darn impressive! It’s incredibly rare one encounters such a well-charted history of a modest building from its inception to the present day, especially over two and a half centuries. The symmetry of the original Georgian centrally-placed entrance and staircase is extremely apparent above, even though it’s a replacement shopfront.

Also note the above Shaw’s chimney is the same chimney as visible in this c. 1860 photograph, and as still evident today. This is not the rear wall corner stack, but what would appear to be an 1840s insertion into a room-dividing wall. This manifests itself as a standard rectangular stack inside the building.

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