Re: Re: Nothing for the Northside…


@notjim wrote:

I don’t think this is likely, the acre is a grave isn’t it?

It is indeed a mass grave; however that should not preclude it from being tastefully upgraded to a decent park with a purpose – unlike the disgraceful treatment of the graveyard/ park at St Marys beside the Jervis Centre. There the gravestones were relaid as a footpath 😮 😡 ; isnt it an irony too that underneath rests the mortal remains of Archibald Hamilton Rowan, one of the leaders of the United Irishmen and who single-handedly rowed to France in an open top boat in order to avoid capture.

(His country house Rathcoffey outside Maynooth is well worth a visit – Neo-classical pile sitting on top of an intact medieval hall-house…while his 4-bay townhouse is nearing restoration in Leinster St – owned by the National Gallery, they failed in their attempt to whack it 😮 for their millenium wing – subsequently the restoration job was begun by the late, great, Arthur Gibney).

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