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“Where have all the flowers gone?”

By the way, ol’ Paddy may not realise it yet, but “The Liturgical Movement” was by no means The Second Coming. In fact Pius X and Pius XII spent considerable time guiding the correct “spirit” of the liturgy and rescuing it from the fanatics who would have stripped the churches bare back in 1910 and 1940. In fact Pius XII’s Mediator Dei (1947), the first papal encyclical dedicated to the topic of the sacred liturgy, is recognised as a reproof against the excesses of the monks of Maria Laach and Odo Casel in particular. Pius is careful to identify the positive fruits of the LM but by no means does he canonise it or give it a blank cheque (which is what our churches would have looked like long before today if they had had their way). Casel died in 1948 before he could write his apologia, much as Annibale Bugnini would do from his exile in Baghdad under Pope Paul VI.

Here is the link to the English translation of Mediator Dei:

Something chronological on the Liturgical Movement in Germany:

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