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In fairness, the article, if nothing else, at least talks up the possibility of return to resi and introduces prospectives to concepts such as ‘the planning system’ ‘conservation architects’ ‘protected structures’ and the idea that it can be more complex than might first seem the case.

Built environment professionals can sometime labour under the impression that everyone else knows what they are talking about. That concepts of planning and heritage protection are common knowledge to other people. Its not always the case.

I fully agree that careful conservation and thoughtful adaptation will be key to the success of return to resi developments. It is of course incumbent upon professionals to advise people ethically and responsibility and imaginatively. And its essential that the local authority knows its stuff but also that it is helpful to these schemes or it will kill any nascent initiative dead.

Take your points Graham, but still think its positive that we are at least talking about this and these schemes that no one seems to know anything much about.

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