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It may have been missed, given the absence of announcement from the City Council, but Mountjoy Square and its (very immediate) environs were declared an Architectural Conservation Area by variation of the City Development Plan on 14th May 2012. The final ACA document can be read here:

Despite a number of good quality submissions (all generally ignored by the Council), and many of which raised the issue of very limited boundary area of the ACA, the all important red line was not amended and the ACA boundary incpororates only the houses onto the square and their gardens/lands to the rear, effectively sundering important and largely intact streets, such as Belevedre Place and Gardiner Place, in two.

Whether the designation means anything in our debased city is another point. Similar designations on O’Connell Street, Grafton Street, Thomas Street and Environs and Capel Street have failed miserably to effect any meaningful improvement in standards in these areas.

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