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OK, we’re going off on a tangent here and I recognise that archiseek can be a barren place for humour, but Iowa, ‘Unesco City of Literature’, because – wait for it – ‘for eighty years, we’ve been teaching the world to write’.
. . . . . jesus christ.

I note also, from the Iowa City – Unessco City of Literature – web site; ‘Iowa City is often known as the Athens of the mid-west, which I hadn’t realized and which probably makes Des Moines the Sparta of the prairies, must check that out. In fairness to Unesco, this dovetails neatly with that other ‘Unesco City of Literature’, Edinburgh, long known as the Athens of the North, however it raises the question; what happened to the Athens of the feckin Aegean? didn’t they have some bearded lads who could write? . . . . even more than eighty years ago :rolleyes:

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