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Seems odd that they won’t allow the retention application. I’m not usually in favour of retention in principle, mainly as allows too many people to act in a cavalier fashion in the knowledge that planning departments are understaffed or whatever (not that I’m implying this was your reason), but it does exist and many people use it in precisely the fashion you intend to. Did they give reasons for not allowing you to follow this course? As the work has been done, you can’t apply for permsiion in the normal way, so retention would seem to be the obvious, even the only, avenue available to you. Maybe just apply for retention anyway and let them explain why not?

It seems odd, especially as there is precedent on your very street for this kind of thing. Did any of your neighbours have to apply for permission? Though maybe they won’t say if they’re opposed to your development. Presumably it was one of them who alerted the local authority to your works.

Lastly, perhaps a planning consultant would be a better bet for this one than a solicitor? It is a planning rather than a legal issue, after all. Check the IPI website (, I think) for a list of consultants in your area.

One other thing- is the conservation aspect important here, or was it just the unauthorised development aspect that concerned the enforcment officer?

(Sorry this is so bitty/jumpy- I’m in a mad rush.)

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