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FWIW, that does sound like a particularly bad case- the repeated FI nonsense, the recent arrivals objecting (not all that uncommon, sadly), the fact that your case for local need sounds stronger than those of many who get permission and also the fact that you seem to have approached the process in a reasonable way.

I am indeed opposed to much of what gets derided as one-off housing, but equally that’s just my opinion and has little bearing on the established rules re same. It’s not your house I’ve a problem with, it’s the government’s free for all approach to planning of which ‘Sustainable Rural Housing’ :rolleyes: is just one example, and their use of the planning system as a way to garner votes. But I’m getting into the area of government root and branch reform, which is going a little off topic. Ultimately, however much I might disagree with it, you have a right to the same treatment as other applicants going through the same process and it seems, based on the few details given above (there might be other pertinent grounds for refusal that you haven’t mentioned), that this hasn’t happened.

To go back to your original question, ask the planner you spoke to about the specifics of the new regs. If s/he hasn’t got them, then you can presume that it’s a smokescreen. And if the regs haven’t been adopted, then I’d think your case should be determined according to whatever regs and development plan policies are current. That’s what the damn development plan is for.

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