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i agree jammy…copper is being used way too much. wellpark has way too much of it,if they restricted it to the cinema it would have done, eyre square has a couple of toilets clad in copper….they don’t look too impressive at the moment but i am awaiting completion to see how they fit overall. …but even in the county towns they are going mad for copper. there is 2/3 in loughrea and now one in craughwell.i am sure oranmore isn’t too far away from getting one. i ‘m not too sure if ballinasloe has any yet or is likely to get. more than likely it’s in the pipeline. maybe one in a town is ok but people see what happened with gmit and copy it. it’s just some people take it too far. personally i think it’s lazy architecture just to put something that is in fashion at the time u are designing.shows a lack of iminagation.
the buildings that i was talking about do not have any copper…well not too sure on the new bus park as i haven’t seen the elevations in a while but the others don’t.
i will say this, i am not a fan of the ral colour that was picked for the blanking panels in the glazing. i can see where the cut-backs took effect when building.
i will admit that the use of copper is creeping in to some designs from okm but this is being kept to a minimum.
he doesn’t like our designs ( as a company ) but maybe he could get a job here and try to influence ‘better’ design šŸ™‚ we are always looking for staff….

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