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A large part of these awards, the AAI stuff included, seem to be concocted by people from the outside of architecture looking in,… I wonder if they actually saw it from the inside in a proper perspective, would they realise the serious structural repair and re-building work which needs to be done at a much lower level within the profession. Rather than constantly looking to prop up the exaggerated curve with the ‘fat tails’ I refer to in this thread:

Seriously, it seems to be a constant problem with architects. Every reward they ever receive, or recognition seems to reward them for being individuals which ‘stand out’ from the rest of the crowd, at a time, when it is more incumbent upon architects than ever before, to get back to being part of something, anything,… just to integrate more. This seems to come more naturally to other disiplines than that of the young architect – the architect is without a datum in large measure, a base from which to build. This kind of ‘award strategy’ just exaggerates the curve, along which all architects are distributed in terms of talent and exposure, is wrecking the profession from within, in my opinion.

Brian O’ Hanlon.

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