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Yes, Cardiff is hard to beat and rightly it was pointed out as being probably the best stadium in Europe. Top drawer stuff for sure. As for Croker, I still like the terrace although I wish it were covered. Interestingly, there is increased talk in England about bringing back some form of terracing. The adoption of the Taylor Report in England saw terraces taken out and seats put in, but many fans now complain they pay more for a seat where the terraces once stood, and many would prefer to have the option of standing. Terracing simply became synomoyous with crowd violence and thus out it went without the slightest debate.
As for sports in Ireland, I like them all and down in Cork at least, we tend to support any sport regardless. Rugby, soccer, GAA…you name it, and we will go see it. And that is the way it should be. I do have an issue however with being expected to watch a game in the pissing rain on a mudbank, and quite frankly, less and less people bother going unless the facilities are somewhat up to par. While most of the GAA stadiums around the country might lack some finesse, they do the basics pretty well. Some of the football grounds have improved greatly too (Toka, Flancare, Turners X in particular), and rugby as well. I would love to see Thomond Park developed a bit more….the place is unique and given Munster’s following, should be developed accordingly.

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