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does anyone believe that article that frank mac wrote on saturday???
can Ireland really not afford a metro to the airport????
considering how much it spends on roads???
Or are taxi drivers and bus drivers and shell afraid of metros?

The €184 billion National Development Plan 2007-2013 builds on the significant social and economic achievements

Are you telling me that out of 184 billion the government cannot find 10 billion for a metro????

I was in valencia this year and was amazed at how fast the metro was into the city and cheap
it was 2.20 euro and took about 38 minutes when considering the distance and number of stations was quite good. I once caught the 16a from camden st and it took 2 hours in peak hour and cost 1.80euro.

The express buses cost 3 times and travels what almost half the distance as the train in valencia and is slower and less comfortable???


Population of the urban area was 1,212,000 as of 2000 estimates. ???
Rafelbunyol – Aeroport 12.37 miles (19.8km) 21 stations 25,450,000 million people

Greater Dublin Area 1,661,185.

Im waiting for your mud!

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