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1. Construction project management M.Sc. courses will attract a lot of people.
Civ Engs, quantity surveyors and , not least, graduates in construction management itself.
So more jobs, yes — but more competition too for those jobs. Much more.

2. Going on this course will be a signal to your present employer, if you work for architects.
It will basically say to him that you see your future being somewhere beyond the present office.

3. Your present boss has made a definite commitment to a salary increase for more AT expertise.
Not as much as you’d have hoped for.
But when the new know-how starts being applied by you in the office projects and design tenders —
that is where the added value of your new AT skills become real to your employer.
And that’s where you can start to reasonably ask for a bit more in the pay.

4. Another option I had explored was to pursue a masters in construction technology, but I discounted this option as i decided I prefer life in the architectural office, rather than life on-site.

Making a career decision should never overlook the basic question :
What sort of situation do I like to be in when at work ?
Make no mistake but that Construction PM is pressurised and contentious.
That’s a whole new territory to the round-the-clock-overtime coming up to a deadline when you
work for an architect, for which you will at least be paid for.
That’s ulcer territory for many people.
Talk to some PM fellas about their jobs.

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