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And just to add to the fun, there’s two further objections from An Taisce and Alexander Kearney.

In fairness it’s worth noting that Dublin An Taisce originally put in a particularly erudite submission giving great weight to having the buildings added to the RPS – citing the Architectural Reveiw piece from 1972 or thereabouts etc… Now weren’t they the helpful fellows?

I agree with Gunter. BOI should never have been allowed build that there, but seeing as they went to such trouble – weekend demolition jobs etc thwarting the late, great, Deirdre Kelly from getting her injunction – it would be a great shame not to let them keep it. Environmental karma, some might say 😀

In any event, apart from the debate regarding the building’s own merits, it is worth noting that any further development here would be wholly, totally, and completely unsuitable – being where it it at the heart of the South Georgian Quarter.

Down with this sort of thing…

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