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If they’re allowed to add contrasting bits onto each block, they’re definitely going to ruin the whole Miesian purity of the scheme, but I wouldn’t be totally opposed to some redevelopment of the site. An option might be to look at the squat four storey square block on the left. IMO this the least architecturally successful of the three blocks and also the block with the most adaptable floor plate. If they absolutely have to have more floor space, I’d prefer if they left the other two blocks alone and knocked that block entirely. The whole complex, and it’s setting on Baggot Street, might benefit from having something contemporary and bigger on that part of the site.

As an aside, the people in that block control gunter’s overdraft (and not in a nice way), so if they could organize knocking that block, without necessarily a full evacuation, we’re looking at a win win situation.

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