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@Paul Clerkin wrote:

Sir John Summerson was as fair as I know paid for his opinion by the ESB and was ever-so-slightly biased

Only so slightly 😀 Walter Gropius – to his shame – also egged that scheme on 🙁

One or two other things I have noticed about the RPS, apart from lacking modern structures:

1 It tends to be dominated by bourgouis streets, where judge so-and-so does not want development near his home and so pushes for an entire street may get listed – meanwhile buildings of merit in a less well-healed area gets overlooked; might this explain the dominance of the southside on the rps?

2 Buildings of historic merit – rather than architectural – are frequently overlooked, particularly on the northside (excuse my chip this morning :p ). An example of this would be 16 Moore St.

3 There is no consistancy to the RPS; in Donnybrook, Eglinton Road has some of the finest 19th c suburban houses in Dublin and yet the only thing to be listed is the reconstructed St Brocs well in the middle of a 70s housing estate; meanwhile Marlborough Road – also in Donnybrook – which is of far less architectural substance, is listed in full!


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