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@AndrewP wrote:

By all means connect the outer suburbs, but the transport network in the centre has to be consolidated first.

Bit of sense there, & this elaborate elephant (wont quite say its white, cause my mind is not quite made up) is scheduled to be finished before the dart underground. Now, as much as that deadline is a pile of shite, the stated priority from gov & everyone else should be to have city centre oriented projects completed asap.

The alignment for ‘metro’ west has to swing inside the m50 after blanch, the RPA are suggesting that it serves nothing for a staggering stretch, encouraging north dublin to follow the development of west dublin … and an hour from tallaght to the airport is pretty crap, most will take the car, i can do it in 25 minutes off peak.

The dart underground tunnel can deliver on a scale that this semi glorified luas simply cannot, if it wasn’t for the the two interchanges with the maynooth & hazlehatch lines, metro west would be entirely useless.

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