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alonso: By your ,logic we’d have a moratorium on public transport related growth.

Development on the greenfield sites in question will lead to greater congestion on the M50; with or without MetroWest. Metro will account for a portion of total journeys in the present and future neighbourhoods it serves on the proposed route, but not all journeys. Yet these new neighbourhoods on greenfield lands will be rezoned and redeveloped on the singular basis that a Metro is being built through these areas. They wouldn’t get approval otherwise.

My point is that there are plenty of areas in Dublin that could really do with a service such as MetroWest – a field outside of the urban area is not one of them. Transport21 is being sold as the solution to the capital’s transport problems. Yet MetroWest won’t so much cater to current demand, instead it will cater to new demand (created specifically for the Metro) while totally ignoring current demands. The two Luas lines demonstrate how there is a demand in existing neighbourhoods so why is that not being address first?

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