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Haven’t we been here before…

Paddy O’Pundit’s Guide to Urban Rail Transport.

“the Tallaght Luas is feckin useless, no better than the bus…”

“the Sandyford Luas, was of money, runs on the street in town…”

“that Luas yoke is the biggest waste of money. No better than a bus!…not even connected! will be a total flop!”

Paddy O’Pundit Saint Paul-Type Revelation After his First Trip on Luas.

“Sure Jaysus this is briliant!” (and Paddy joins the 60 million users of Luas which have made it one of the most successful light rail project on the planet)

No offense lads, but we can complain about the Metro West till we are blue in the face, but we all know it’s going to be a huge success and if the level of density increase along the two Luas lines since they opened is anything to go by, then I can only imagine what Metro West will do for the edges of the city. I suspect it’ll put a lot of past wrongs to right.

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