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As for Lucan, T21 has a LUAS going from the south docks to Lucan. Add in the Navan Rail, the Spencer Dock station, and all the other elements of the strategy and if it’s built, the network will be there…

if it’s built…

Ask anyone in Lucan what they would prefer i.e. a Luas to Dublin 2 or at least the nearest National Rail line or a line to Tallaght, Liffey Valley , Blanchardstowen and the Airport and I am sure that most would opt for connectivity to the City Centre where the jobs, shops and restaurants are.

If you examine Luas it is rammed anywhere the population Density is High i.e. Ballaly to Town and James’s Street to town but beyond on both lines it slows to a trickle as the lack of bus integrations kicks in and the car becomes the more efficient mode of transport.

Developing existing landbanks on the existing rail lines is a far more balanced approach to take given the concentration of employment in the centre and established heavy rail lines. The trick with this is to support Admastown, Pelletstown, Grange Road etc and not provide an orbital before communities of 10,000 plus are supported, a real solution for Lucan would be a Luas from Lucan to the Red Cow to be built with a stop at the new Station to be built at Park West creating a multi-modal interchange.

A number of Luas Trams could then operate from Tallaght to Park West supporting an established local need; in time terms Tallaght to Park West 10 minutes Park West to Stephens Green 15 minutes via interconnector and Stephens Green to Airport 20 minutes; total journey time 45 minutes

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