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I am currently doing a masters in planning (MRUP UCD), and was in a similar predicament before I applied. In my experience, your work record counts for at least as much as your education, if not more so. My degrees prior to this were a BA in Art History and Philosophy (3rd), and an MA in Architectural History (2.1). However, I was lucky enough (if that’s the right phrase) to get a job in Duchas as a researcher, from which I graduated up the ranks. I think it was this, more than my education, which got me into the course. That, and enthusiasm. Once you get a foot in the door it should be easy to show how keen you are (you are keen, aren’t you?).
One other thing- don’t limit yourself to high profile courses. There’s plenty out there if you do a bit of detective work. The high profile ones will always be heavily subscribed, but it’s often no reflection of their quality (this is NOT a comment on the MRUP, whose reputation is deserved 😉 ), and vice versa for the less known ones too.
Good luck with the hunt. And if you don’t get it first time round, don’t let it put you off trying again.

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