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To offer a comparison of before and after on the exact same window (only a few weeks in the difference), the contrast is stark.

It looks like they were taken years apart.

And up close:

What a difference. How things were allowed get into that state…

The Victorian corbels are now a delight to behold:

The ironwork of the 1906 iron entrance porch has been carefully repainted, while the capitals await regilding:

And again before and after:

Only one thing left to do and that’s the removal of the ugly domestic CFL light bulbs in the lanterns and their replacement with sparkling tungsten or clear halogen equivalents. Wonderful to see a large squat lantern still suspended beneath the porch – to my knowledge the very last of its kind in use this way anywhere in a city that once featured them on nearly every street, suspended over countless doorways.

Hopefully there’s some new white floodlighting behind the basement parapet too.

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